Beauty Buzz

Sometime last weekend when I was stuck inside a hot little plane without air flow, I started to feel super gross. I felt greasy and like I needed a beauty intervention ASAP. Later that week, I stopped by the store and stocked up on all kinds of beauty goods like a new night cream and some dark spot corrector for my acne scars.

I also got the remaining ingredients I’d need to make these natural bath bombs from Fitnessista – I’m super excited to try them out. I try to focus on natural beauty solutions as much as possible. It got me thinking about my top tips for beauty and I thought I’d share them with you all.

My top beauty tips

  • Hydration – water helps with metabolism, weight management, all bodily processes and gives you a wonderful glow. Did you know it’s estimated that 90% of the population is chronically dehydrated? This can lead to weight gain plus a whole host of other health issues. Ideally we should drink half our body weight in ounces per day, plus more depending on your climate and activity level. Plain water bore you? Add fun flavors like fresh fruit, cucumber and mint leaves. Now go drink up!


  • Dry brushing – I’ve been less than stellar with my dry brushing lately. But it is a fantastic way to get your lymph system going and exfoliate your whole body. Read more about dry brushing here.


  • Gentle Face exfoliation – Just like your body, the skin on your face needs refreshing. Dead skin cells can build up and clog your pores, causing breakouts. However, we need to be gentler to our facial skin so as not to irritate it further and cause premature aging. Sugar is a great natural solution for exfoliating. Simply mix a bit of granulated sugar with water (or some use honey) and scrub away. For a gentle and inexpensive daily solution to exfoliation, try a little baking soda mixed with water.


  • Moisturize – I used to think that because I had acne I needed to avoid lotions on my face as that would just make the problem worse. Turns out, when your face is too dry it stimulates the production of sebum oil and too much can cause acne. If your face is too dry it will overproduce sebum potentially causing more zits. Therefore, moisturizing is key for healthy skin and battling acne. I use a gentle lotion with SPF for the day and then either a gentle and light night cream or jojoba oil before bed.
  • Face mask – Once a week, I like to use a rejuvenating facemask. My husband hates it because he says it makes my face stink, but I love to use a combination of  calcium bentonite clay & apple cider vinegar (also a good toner). It leaves my skin soft and tight.


  • Fruit skin rubs – next time you are slicing up a lemon, cut off the skin and rub it all over your face. Let it sit 10 minutes or so and rinse off. You can do the same with most fruits and peels.


  • Oil pulling – I can’t use the store-bought teeth bleaching kits because they make my teeth super sensitive. Instead, I do oil pulling which is a natural and much cheaper way to whiten your smile. I use virgin, cold-pressed sesame oil for oil pulling and only do it once or twice a week. I talk more about oil pulling in this blog.


  • Avoid “crap” foods – “CRAP” is an acronym meaning carbonated beverages, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners and processed foods. Take these out of your diet or at least keep them to a minimum. These foods all wreak havoc on your beauty not to mention your health. You are better off without them. Instead, eat beautifying foods like fresh veggies, fruits, grains, beans, etc…The more natural color you can get into your diet, the better. Also, focus on the greens – they are very good for your skin and entire body! Our cells are constantly rebuilding and they use the energy from the foods we eat – you really are what you eat.


Do you have any beauty tips you’d like to share? I’m always looking to learn more.


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