New upper body & core workout

I worked out last night and actually felt like I challenged myself! This may not seem like a big deal but trust me, it is. I’ve been trying to find a new fitness groove now that my knee is on the mend. According to my physical therapist, I need to stay away from any high impact exercises like HIIT and running. I also have to steer clear of lunges, squats, etc…unless they are an approved PT exercise.


Unfortunately all of these types of exercises are my go to calorie burners; it’s hard to feel like I’ve gotten a challenging workout without them. So for me to actually find something that works my body while taking it easy on my knee is a little tough. However, I created a workout that did both last night and even has me a bit sore today. Score!


Upper Body & Core Workout

complete 3 total sets of the following moves:

  • Bicep curl to shoulder press (x15)
  • Pushups to row (x10 per side)
  • Front to lateral raise (x15)
  • Tricep raises (x15)
  • Midway bicep curls (x10ea)
  • Chest flye (x15)
  • Deadlifts with leg press (x15)
  • Tricep dips (x15)
  • Straight leg crunch (x30)
  • Side plank raises (x15 ea side)
  • Toe tap with weight (x30)
  • Down dog pushups (x10 ea side)
  • Superman back stretches (x5)

My knee is taped up right now in order to encourage my kneecap to be in the right spot. This makes it hard to do any moves in which my knee is bent so I made do. I followed up the workout with a quick walk around the neighborhood. We finally got some rain and it felt fabulous outside!

I had an audience during my workout too – I kid you not this is how Sampson sat while he watched me workout!!


That’s all for now…don’t forget to check out my meal and exercise plans for the week plus let me know if you have any favorite natural beauty tips!


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