Update on physical therapy (I have a mean case of the “I can’ts”)

photo (1)

I attended my fifth physical therapy appointment yesterday. Per my doctor, I am to go to physical therapy twice weekly for six weeks. Then we check back in and see how things are going.

The good news is that my physical therapist is seeing huge improvements! When I came in I could barely do a regular squat and now I have full range of motion with single leg squats on my left side. WOW!

The appointments start out with her feeling around my knee to check for pain and swelling. If my knee is swollen I get an ultrasound with some anti-inflammatory goo. After that, we do some sort of leg rotation where she physically torques my tibia inward. She literally sits down and cranks my lower leg in toward my body. It’s an odd sensation but surprisingly it doesn’t hurt.

Then we do “Russian STIM Treatments” which means that little patches are connected to my quads and a machine physically stimulates the muscles to contract. It’s so powerful I can see the muscles working! This STIM goes on for 20 minutes while I do a variety of exercises really focusing on my left leg. Think squats, rotation, leg lifts etc. After that I get a more relaxing and lower power STIM treatment and ice.

It’s so nice to know that I’m making progress with my knee. I can feel it day to day – especially when I climb stairs. However, I have to admit that I do feel a little stir crazy in my own body. I’ve been spending a lot of time feeling sorry for myself lately about all of the things I can’t do.

Can’t run.
Can’t jump.
Can’t spin.
Can’t dance.
Can’t HIIT/do Epic.
Can’t do hard/technical hikes.

Can’t…can’t…can’t…Let me tell you, this way of thinking truly sucks.

So I decided to start focusing on the CAN.

I can do a super sweat inducing manual treadmill workout.

photo (3)

Or go to the gym with my hubby and do an incline treadmill workout while I watch him lift (hubba hubba)!

gym time

I can power trail walk.

photo (4) 

I can (and am encouraged to) hike easy trails.

photo (5)

And as of yesterday’s appointment, I can do full body toning workouts!!
(I did the Tone It Up Bridal Babe Workout tonight)

photo (2)

The bottom line is – although I can’t run – I can be happy and active. I can feel good. As long as I continue to do what I can, the things that I can’t will come soon enough.


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