Finally, Finally, Finally!!

It has been a stressful past few months. I usually don’t let stress affect me – ask my friends, I’m pretty laid back and don’t really care too much about anything. However, I’ve had a few things pile on my plate and the cumulative effect of dealing with them was starting to get to me. I wasn’t sleeping well, I was always pre-occupied and I kept worrying that I didn’t know what my future was going to be like. My face has been breaking out and we all know that I’m holding a little extra around the middle (stress eat, anyone?).

Now I finally have answers to my three most pressing questions!! Hooray for relief – I’m sleeping like a baby these days.

Nursing School

I got in!! I got in!! I’ve been working towards Nursing School for two years by doing my pre-requisites. I put in my application to our local program way back in January. I knew that I wouldn’t hear anything until late May, but that didn’t stop me from worrying about it. It’s such a small program – what if I didn’t get in? What if we couldn’t afford it? What if it’s too hard? Well luckily, I did get in. We still can barely afford it but thanks to student loans and some extreme budgeting cuts we will be able to squeak by. For a while I thought about not even going so we could save more money. Then I realized it will never truly be convenient for me to take off work for two years to go back to school so I might as well just go for it now before there are kids in the mix, right? I’m going to continue to work (though they discourage it) so we aren’t hurting too badly. I know people with 3 children who’ve gone to nursing school while maintaining a job so if they can do it, there’s no reason I can’t.



We are finally under contract on a house! Unfortunately, it’s not our original pick that we put an offer on way back on April 8 – that one just wasn’t meant to be. We went and looked at so many houses and put offers in on FOUR total before we got this one – and you know what? I love it. It fits my husband and I so much better than two others we thought we wanted. I’ve gotta say, buying a house is no joke. Because my husband works nights and sleeps all day, I’ve been handling the day-to-day paperwork and communication with our realtor and loan processor. There were a couple of times were I about had a meltdown but thankfully the worst is behind us now (we finalized application and did all inspections and appraisals yesterday). Well unless you count actually moving which I’m not thinking about just yet. 😉



And to top it all off I got some even better news last week – I CAN RUN AGAIN!! When I first saw my orthopedist last month, he told me I may never be able to run again. I cried. When I went to meet with my physical therapist she said not only would I be able to run again, I would come out of this a better runner. I seriously considered sending her an Edible Arrangement. I have run a total of 3 times so far. Although when I say “run” I don’t mean I just hit the pavement for a 5 miler. I’m allowed to run/walk right now. My total overall time is 20 minutes and I’m gradually increasing my run:walk ratio. I started by running two minutes at a time, then three and tonight I get to run four minutes at a time! It’s for the best that I’m starting slowly cause my ass is out of shape – my knee may not hurt but my lungs sure do!


Finally, finally, finally things are coming together and looking up. It’s nice to have an answer to my questions. Now that those stresses are over, all I have to worry about is moving, starting school, losing my income and trying to find a part-time job that is hopefully not waiting tables. Oh joy. Who wants to contribute to my upcoming “Send me to school” kickstarter???

I’ll leave you with some adorable kitty pictures because I can only imagine how much you guys miss them.



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