Busy Bees

Hello friends! I’ve been meaning to get on here and post for a week but we have been crazy busy in my corner of the world. My dad and his wife were in town for a week exploring and making the most of Durango. I had a 4 day weekend and then took another day off during their trip so it was a nice little “stay-cation” for me as well.


I have a bunch of pictures/recipes/meal ideas to share for my July Back-to-Basics and I hope to get them on here this weekend. I won’t lie – the stay-cation came with a whole lot of eating out this week but I’ve been trying to balance restaurant meals with healthy, home cooked fare. If I don’t go out to eat for 2 months, I’d be just fine with that!

Other than eating my way through Durango, we have been busy little bees. We have been making the most of the beautiful Colorado summer.


Steve has been busy fishing in every single pond we come across.


Sampson has been busy with his new healthy smoothie habit.


Rockie has been busy being a weirdo.


And as for me, I’m up to the same old stuff. Just working and getting ready for school (lots of immunizations, paperwork and a drug test!). This weekend we will be resting, doing loads and loads of laundry, hiking and helping my friend make some baby meals – she could pop any day now!


I’m also starting to train for a half-marathon here in town in mid-October! I got the go ahead from my physical therapist and will be doing my first 3 mile run in months this weekend (up till now I’ve only been allowed 20 minutes at a time). I’m not making any lofty goals nor am I getting my hopes up on this race – I’m just going to start training and hope it all works out. I may have to run/walk part of the race but that’s okay, I’m just excited to have something on the calendar.

The first 5 weeks of my training plan look like this:


I’m leaving it a bit loose as to the actual week-to-week layout of the workouts. I start with this “official plan” on Monday and will give a more detailed post on the plan and all that jazz.

I’ll be back in the near future with some meal updates, a smoothie recipe, re-cap of an awesome hike, training plan and more! Hope you have a wonderful Friday and a relaxing weekend.


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