Back-to-basics meal ideas

Earlier this month I posted about how I wanted to get “back-to-basics” with my eating this month. I’ve managed to do just that – kind of. We had company come so there was quite a bit of eating out but I tried to balance it with lighter homemade fare as well (although I did enjoy some semi-homemade apple pie tonight!).

I thought I’d do a little recap of some of the foods I have enjoyed so far this month:



  1. Banana protein soft serve topped with almonds and fruit
  2. Vegan protein waffle with berries
  3. Easy vegan muesli with banana and extra almond milk
  4. Cinnamon raisin banana protein pancake


Back to Basics1

  1. Salted caramel chocolate protein shake
  2. Chocolate cherry shake from a cookbook I have
  3. Green smoothie made with romaine, spinach, cumber, mango, banana coconut oil and hempseeds.


Back to Basics2

  1. Buffalo chickpea salad from Happy Herbivore Meal Plan
  2. Mango black bean salad from local restaurant – I did my best to recreate it at home but the Zia version is just so much better, of course.
  3. Spinach salad with roasted brussels sprouts and chickpeas. Topped with miso-mustard sauce.
  4. Kitchen sink leftovers salad (any veggie that was going limp in the fridge + white beans) topped with honey mustard dressing.

Bonus – my post on how to love salads (which didn’t get enough attention the first time!)


Back to Basics3

  1. Miso mustard tofu with broccoli and potatoes
  2. Orange teriyaki rice bowl with broccoli and tofu (from Happy Herbivore meal plan)
  3. Chickpea tostada (I’ve also enjoyed black bean tostadas
  4. Basic tofu scramble with a side of potatoes

I really don’t eat tofu every day, though it certainly seems like it!

Whew – that’s certainly not an exhaustive list of everything I’ve eaten this month but it does a good job of capturing my day-to-day eats. Hope this gives you inspiration for some tasty plant-based meals. Have a great night.


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