Is there anybody out there??

HOLY SHIT. One day I was just sitting on my recliner writing up the Back to basics update post and then the next day it’s over a month later. But yes, I am alive! Is there anybody still out there looking at this little ol’ blog?

Fortunately I have a few really good reasons for going AWOL on you. One of which being that we didn’t have internet for 2.5 weeks so blogging was kinda impossible. But the other reasons are way more exciting!

We got a puppy. His name is Franco and he is a handful. He is also insanely adorable. Fortunately he is sleeping through the night, but the first week or so was rough.

photo (5)

Before you worry too much – yes the cats are A-OK. There was the initial “what in the HELL is this” moment but they actually like him a lot.

photo (4)

Well, “a lot” is still up for debate in Sampson’s case – note the “what is this THING doing on my bed?” look.

We originally wanted to rescue and older dog, but Franco stole our hearts (no surprise there). It’s a good thing too; I really think that his small size helped the cats to adapt better. We are now dog-sitting for a coworker of mine and Sampson is still freaking out 8 days into it.

photo (5

Franco is just hilarious and crazy and foremost a gigantic baby. I love it.

photo (3)

My best friend came to visit!! We barely ever get to see each other anymore – especially because when I go back to Arkansas I have to fit in a lot of people in a little time. It was so nice to have actual Sarah-Shelley time. I just wish they stayed longer. We did the usual Colorado stuff but the weather was insane – we actually got caught in a white-out snowstorm when we went ATVing in the mountains!

photo (6)

Oh yeah – WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!(!!!!). After all the looking (we must have seen 12+houses) and letdown (our first house offer fell through a month in) everything finally came together and we are now officially homeowners.

photo (6

We are all moved in and everything. In fact, we’ve been really getting after the projects. And by we I of course mean my husband. He’s the best! He has painted everything and is now moving on to more fun projects like building and redoing furniture. This is actually the dining table I ate at when I was a kid – instead of buying a new one we decided to update it and keep it in the fam.

photo (2)

I may not have been active on the blog, but you can always keep up with me on Instagram….my username is milehighhealthy.

On top of all of that – I start nursing school tomorrow!!! I can’t believe it’s already here. Seriously it feels like I just mailed in my application for the program. I had orientation on Friday and went from being confident to unsure because all they talked about was how hard the program was and that some people get divorced and blah blah blah. Maybe they are employing the “break them down to build them up” method? Either way, I’m trying not to let them worry me.

So that brings us up to speed. The question now is: what is going to happen to the blog now? I’m about to be a full time nursing student and part time employee (my work agreed to keep me on part time during school!). When I’m not in class or at work I’m going to be reading and studying. Oh yeah, and spending time with my husband and furbabies.

I really want to keep blogging and I do enjoy it, so I’m going to do my best to fit it in. What I’ll blog about is anybody’s guess. I sure would love to post a recipe every once in a while (believe it or not I still do eat). Maybe I’ll talk about time management/food prep tips for busy people? You know I’ll post cat (and now puppy) pictures. DIY house projects? Only time will tell.

When I first started the blog I tried to force it to be something that it wasn’t. I was trying to be like all the other bloggers I love but that was exhausting because it wasn’t really me. The only thing I can promise is that whatever blogging I do in the future will be authentic and I hope you stick around to see what happens. I have missed you all and hope to catch up with you now! Let me know how you’re doing and all the fun things going on in your life lately.


5 thoughts on “Is there anybody out there??

  1. It brightened my day immensely to read this! (: I’m SO happy for you and to hear that all of your ventures are working out. Good luck in school, Shelley! xxxx

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