I’m out of shape.

The other day I got out my kettlebell and weights to do a strength workout for the first time in weeks. Between the move and friends visiting, I just fell out of the habit of consistent exercise (minus 2 miles of walking a day with the pup).

I made up a quick 20 minute full body workout and got going. I only made it 10 minutes. It was partly because I was falling out of shape and partly because I ate an appalling lunch that was making me sick. The point is I could only workout for 10 minutes!! What’s even worse is that I was really sore for more than two days after.

First I was angry. And then I felt sorry for myself. And then I just had to laugh because of the ridiculousness of it all. I know my fitness will come back very quickly as long as I keep at it. It is about consistency after all.


complete the 10 minute workout 2-3x

I did manage to make it through 2 full rounds tonight! Still wasn’t easy though.

On top of that embarrassing lack of fitness, I’m more than likely out of my half-marathon training. Once I got over 5 or 6 miles at at time, my knee just wasn’t happy. My knee + running will probably never be the same. But don’t cry for me Argentina. I just have to keep it at 6 miles max on a max of 3 days per week – for now at least. Sometimes I even have to run/walk but it works. I’d rather semi-run forever than train for a race and take myself completely out of running again.

If there was a point to this blog, I’m not quite sure what it was. Maybe just to say that don’t worry if you fall out of fitness a bit – just get up and get going! Like many things in life, my fitness tends to ebb and flow. The important thing is not to let your fitness disappear completely. Those 20 minutes tonight were HARD and I even had to strip down + lay under the fan for about 10 minutes afterwards because I thought I might pass out. But once I started breathing again, I felt like a rockstar and was glad that I did it (I even almost talked myself out of it when I got home today!).

I’ll leave you with a picture of Franco in his current state – he crashed hard after a day of puppin’ around.



One thought on “I’m out of shape.

  1. I may not ever comment on your blog, but I do enjoy reading it! How did your first day of nursing school go? I love the brindle markings on your pup. He is precious!

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