Franco’s first hike

Just checking in for a quick hello! It was a strange, busy without really being busy kind of week. The kind where you do a lot but don’t really do anything at all – does that make sense?

I’ve been spending time on my treadmill after work which is fabulous! We also finally finished moving out and cleaning our old place, that’s a weight of my shoulders. Also, Tuesday was my birthday. Just had to mention it Winking smile I’m the big 2-7 now and working on a fun little “30 by 30” list to share. My birthday present to myself was an ice cream maker – I cannot wait to make some tasty, homemade vegan treats. Oh – and I got my haircut! I try to grow it out every year but alas it never happens.

photo (2)

School was a lot more interesting this week – we started learning about HIPAA as well as range of motion and patient transport (moving patients around in bed or from a bed to chair/stretcher/commode and vice versa). I’m still enjoying the low maintenance of these first couple of weeks because I’m looking at my planner for September and beyond and I know things are about to get nutty!!

Anyhoo – that’s why I haven’t blogged all week. I had some planned but I took any spare time and just chilled out instead. (Because I don’t think “chilling out” will be much of an option starting this next week!!)

photo (4)

Steven and I took Franco on his very first hike this morning! We explored a great trail at the top of our neighborhood. Now all of the animals are sleeping and we are watching some college football – I can practically feel autumn already! (PS I did have a pump of pumpkin spice in my Starbucks latte yesterday…what!??).

Hope everyone is having a fun holiday weekend. I’ll be back tomorrow with some 2013 Vegan MoFo news.


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