Batch Cookin’

Hello there lovelies! Are you as shocked as I am every time I actually manage to post something?

I feel like I spent the entire day in the kitchen. Probably because I did. I’m trying something new this week with my meals.

Things are about to get a little hectic around here with clinicals staring this week (!!). Considering class, work and clinicals I’ll be going for over 52 hours a week!! And this doesn’t even include studying (lots of that), HW (lots of this) and tests (yup, you guessed it). Or driving which in and of itself takes up 90 minutes of my day – more with my clinicals because it’s over an hour and a half away and I am terrified of having to get up and drive at 4:00am.

Anywhoo the point is that I’m fixin’ to be busy. So I decided to take some of the guesswork and day-to-day time out of my meals. Because time is something I won’t have a lot of for the next few weeks.

Today…I did some batch cooking! Basically I cooked/prepped everything I will need for the week. That way it’s all grab, go and reheat. Done and done. Sure it was time consuming (although I spread it out throughout the day since I was working too) and of course it was messy but this means that I don’t have to worry for a second about food this week. Or doing dishes for that matter. There are plenty of delicious and nutritious options just waiting for me. This makes me so happy!

photo 1 (2)

Can’t read my greasy little card? Today I made:

and because I’m a fabulous wife I cooked my husband:

  • 4 baked sweet potatoes
  • 3 cups of rice
  • 1 lb of ground beef
  • A few pieces of chicken

Ya. My kitchen was a disaster zone. But it’s worth it.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2) photo 3

photo (1)

To note:

  • I used white whole wheat flour for the pancakes and they are super dense. It’s all I could find at the store but I think whole wheat pastry flour or a gluten free blend may be a better choice (though I thought white whole wheat and whole wheat pastry were interchangeable but no, everything I make with white whole wheat is a dense little fiber bomb).
  • I’m scared to take a bite of the tofu frittatas because they just seem weird. Ain’t nothing a little hot sauce won’t fix though.
  • I hope the veggie quinoa medleys last and don’t get gross by Wednesday/Thursday. I plan to take those to clinicals with me.
  • The black bean soup looks nasty but it’s sooooo good and easy. You should buy Happy Herbivore Abroad
  • I love Brussels sprouts so much.
  • The picture quality ain’t what it used to be but I seriously just can’t care right now. Sorry.
  • I’ve also got stuff for salads and some vegan sausage to serve with miso-mustard sauce and steamed broccoli. Also I have oatmeal and protein shakes as back up breakfasts

I hope it all works out and is so good and I keep doing this. Much more economical both with time and money.

Do you batch cook? What are your favorite make ahead meals?


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