How I plan & track my workouts

I’ve had a hard time finding the best way to plan and track my workouts.

I would love to sit down on Sunday and say “this is what I will do every single day this week” and actually stick to it…but I know myself better. It seems that the more structure I try to give myself in regards to food/workouts, the more I rebel.

I would also love to just go with the flow all the time, but I do need a little bit of a guideline or that “flow” will end up being TV on the couch.

A while back I was experiencing this same feeling with my meal plans. Instead of giving myself a weekly plan of “On Monday I will eat X for breakfast, X for lunch and X for dinner” I switched to a “meal guide.” Basically, now I say “these are the breakfast options for the week based on what I have in the fridge/what’s cooked” and I pick whatever I feel that day. It works soooo much better. I can’t predict what I’ll be in the mood to eat for lunch on Friday. Just like I can’t predict what kind of WO I will want to do or have the time for.

Enter, the Workout Guide.


If you find it hard to read, click this link: WO Chart

I’ve just created a new one to last me throughout the rest of the year. Basically, I put a column with all of the workouts I’d like to do each week and then I let myself fill in the days as I go. Here is a close-up of this week, filled in to-date.


Tonight I’m doing Body Pump with a friend but probably won’t get in 3 miles so I will fill in “body pump, x miles Tuesday” under the Sunday box.

Does this even make sense?  This way I have some structure but also a little bit of freedom. I’m sure I’ll modify the workouts along the way with what I can do or feel like doing. I don’t actually think I’ll get in all of these workouts every week, but I’d like to! As for the “miles” these can be done any way, although running is preferable. But hey – a mile walked is just as good as a mile run in my book. They are both better options than nothing at all!

How do you plan & track your workouts? Lemme know!


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