This is why I’m tired

I want to preface this by saying that Nursing School isn’t really that difficult (maybe it’s just easy because I’m so interested in the information we are studying?) and it’s not necessarily stressful (I’m only really stressed about working enough hours each week), but it is BUSY. Very very busy. I thought I’d give a snapshot of 3 days to show you why I am always so tired. Buckle up folks, it’s a long one.



5am – alarm goes off. I hit snooze. I don’t really need to run today anyway.

6am – alarm goes off. I get up this time and do a quick kettlebell workout (that will leave me sore for DAYS). Franco can’t be bothered to exercise so early in the morning.

photo 1 (4)

Get ready and eat breakfast. I’m really loving this veggie egg scramble concoction over crisped tortillas. Easy way to eat veggies with breakfast.

photo 5 (3)

Take Franco for a walk….or try to at least. He’s been exceptionally bad lately. The only person/dog/animal in the whole world that he thinks he is the alpha of is me. This is the face of a very bad boy. (and yes it was snowing on our walk!)

photo 4 (3)

815 head down to Bayfield to meet up with my home health nurse that I’m following today. (realize that I look just like my mother!)

photo 1 (3)

This is the latest I’ve been able to leave my house for anything all semester. Amazing. I follow her around and meet patients until about noon. She has a long lunch planned so I run up to work for 2 hours.

Lunch is a toasted English muffin with hummus on one side and guac on the other. Carrots and grapes on the side.

photo 2 (3)

At 2 I run to go meet the nurse again for another patient. This RN has only been out of school for a year but is so smart and good at her job that it give me reassurance that one day I will be like that too. I really liked her.

Head to starbucks for an iced soy latte. Coffee, I love you. (note that as a full time student/part time employee I really don’t have the budget for Starbucks but I go there all of the time anyway).

photo 3 (3)

Back to work. I’m there after “closing” time and feel a bit sorry for myself until I realize that I actually like working alone more. Head home to a FREEZING house. When is it going to be summer again? Work on building a fire.

photo 4 (2)

Walk Franco again. MUCH better this time. Realize that while Steve will always be the alpha, I can get Franco to do what I want with positive reinforcement. He loves when his momma is proud of him. I’m glad that he was better because I need walks just as much as he does. They are really my zen time.

photo 5 (2)

Finally get in some study time. Glad I made this study guide over spring break last week because this is the first I’m actually having time to sit down and focus all week. Read over for about half an hour.

photo 1

Eat 3 oreos for dinner…that’s all I have the energy for at this point. Bring the house up from 59 to 69 before bed. Wake up and it’s back to 60. Oh well.


5am alarm goes off – I get up no problem. For some reason it’s never an issue to wake up on a Friday. I have a good little routine going. Franco, however, is not a morning person

photo 2

Get ready and then make the most important meal of any day….coffee.

photo 2 (4)

Breakfast is a vegan waffle with banana, chocolate and peanut butter. Input information into myfitnesspal and realize it’s over 600 calories! Whoops.

photo 4

Study for the test for another half hour or so. Rockie loves to help me study on Friday mornings.

photo 3

Head to school early and ask my teacher if I can take the exam early. Please oh please I need to get to work. She agrees, yay!! Get done with it before the test was even scheduled to start. Head to work for 3 hours. Stuff my face with a mozzarella-tomato-basil sandwich.

Check my grades obsessively….this happens every Friday.


Whoop whoop!

Head up to the hospital for an orientation – we are doing labor & delivery there in a few weeks! Get out early. Head home desperate for a nap. It’s 57 degrees in the house so a fire is priority. Get a good one going and fall asleep only to have my husband and his family get back from Denver. He’s been gone for 2 days. I missed him!

Luckily I’m a smart cookie and new that there’s no way in hell I’d want to cook. Pizza it is. Pepperoni for him and onion for me.

photo 5

Contagion on TV and then an early bedtime.


515 alarm goes off. This is NOT cool on a Saturday. Hate life for a bit. I volunteered to work a Health Fair in Pagosa Springs (over an hour away). Why did I do that again??

Get ready but am unable to mask how tired I am.


Get my liquids ready and head out the door (water, coffee, banana protein shake).

photo 1 (2)

Pick up classmates for carpool. Come {thisclose} to hitting a deer on the way (complete stop and everything). Thank god I missed it.

Get to the health fair at 7 and get thrown right in. Seriously we walked in the door and they said “are you ready to start drawing blood yet?” I’ve only drawn blood once (but I’ve done 10-12 IVs). Not too confident. I actually miss 3/5 of the first blood draws. I have a mini panic attack and almost give up and go do weights or blood pressures or something easy. Take a deep breath. Don’t let them rush me. Go slow. Start to get all the blood draws. WHEW. I did not feel prepared for that. Poke people with needles for 5 hours. Feel much more confident in my abilities by the end of the fair.

Head to lunch with the girls (veggie burger) and then on to the hot springs!!


This is much needed relaxation. Take a very long dip in the springs. Run and dip in the river (in Colorado, in the mountains, in April) and get back in the hot springs. What a rush.

Drive home and try not to pass out. Stop at the True Value for a splitting maul (WTF is a splitting maul?) cause that’s just the thing I want to do at the end of a long day.

photo 2 (2)

Get home, eat pizza and candy (my diet is a disaster these days) and then get a little delirious. Go to bed very early (seriously, about 830). Franco is always ready for bed.

photo 3 (2)

Sleep 11 glorious hours. I feel human again.

And now…it’s Sunday morning and I’m sharing this with you over a cup of coffee and a Reese’s peanut butter cup. So maybe this should really be called “Mile High Eatin’ Candy All Day Erryday?” I promise I will go eat something remotely healthy.

On the docket today is: make MedSurg notecards for Friday’s exam, clean a bit, plan the meals for the week/grocery shop/meal prep, workout (maybe strength training?), catch up on the bills and do some laundry. Oh and work from home for 8 hours somewhere in there as well. But first….A Franco walk.

Catch ya on the flipside.


3 thoughts on “This is why I’m tired

  1. tell us more about the hot springs, with pics! and send some more pics of walks with franco – the landscape there is beautiful, so different from Louisiana.

  2. Whew! I’m tired just reading this, but I had lots of energy when I was your age so I know you can do it! So proud of your grades and your enthusiasm for your work. Love you!

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