Veggies for breakfast, ice cream for dinner

So it’s no secret that my diet has been atrocious lately. There is no better word to describe it than that.

I often skip lunch or dinner and end up just snacking on junk food. A lot of the time it’s just pure laziness because I have no energy at the end of the day.

I’ve been trying to work on it (as best I can) this week by eating veggies for breakfast. I figure if I start out the day with veggies at least I know I will get some in that day. But this has also led me to eat ice cream for dinner too…hey, I’ve already eaten my veggies, right? At least it’s a healthy ice cream that is made from whole, plant foods with no added sugars.

photo 1

I thought I’d pop in to share these ideas with you. I know I’m not the first person ever to eat banana ice cream but I know there’s a few of you who haven’t heard of that yet (hey mom) so it’s worth a share!

Veggies for breakfast: tofu scramble tacos


First, I toast two corn tortillas over my gas range until perfectly warm and crisped. Then I spread it with pre-made guacamole (ultimate lazy person move, but it’s really good!), top with some shredded spinach and a veggie tofu scramble and finish the whole thing off with salsa verde for a little jazz. Sweet potatoes on the side.

This meal is awesome because I make one big scramble on Sunday and can enjoy it 4 or 5 days!! All I have to do is re-heat. This meal is completely vegan (which I love) but you could do the same thing with eggs if you’d like. You can eat this whole plate for only about 350 calories or so! Wowza. It’s got complex carbs, protein and healthy fats to keep you going all morning long.

 Ice cream for dinner: banana ice cream!

photo 2

Simply add some frozen banana into a food processor with a touch of almond milk. Whirl until soft serve consistency. I topped this delicious bowl with some dark chocolate sauce (raw cacao + maple syrup), a chopped up dark chocolate piece and chopped peanuts. When I’m trying to be a bit healthier I’ll add in some protein powder and top with hempseeds + coconut. You can see my original protein soft serve here and the amazing Cherry Garcia soft serve here


Anyhoo…just a little pop in to say hello! I’m on my 13th straight day of work+school stuff so I’m really looking forward to SLEEP tonight. Before I go, here’s a picture of a Franco walk for my Aunt Nancy (careful what you wish for…there’s a million more where that came from!).

 photo 1

And a picture of Sampson in the wood rack. He loves it in there.

 photo 3

Have a great weekend!


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