Tone It UP Bikini Series 2014

Just popping back in real quick to tell you about the 2014 Tone It UP Bikini Series!


If you haven’t read my post from yesterday about my Healthy Living Spiral (<—–click here) then go do that first and come back.

The Bikini Series is 6 weeks worth of workouts, recipes, motivation, inspiration and celebrating healthy living. The Tone It Up girls (and the entire TIU community) are positive women who are all about supporting each other and helping you to live your best life. I love Tone It UP and I love love love the Bikni Series so I am delighted that it coincides so perfectly with my desire to get my shit together again. I’ve already planned my workouts for the week and am about to go grocery shopping as soon as I hit publish.


think you can log 100 miles by summer? I may go for 150!

I’m planning to follow the workouts they have set up HERE except I’m doing Monday’s workout today, HIIT tomorrow and skipping Tuesday because I’m getting a wisdom tooth pulled and was told no exercise for a day or two because it could dislodge the clot and delay healing (which is the absolute last thing I want to do as I’ve already been in pain for so long. Get this thing outta my head!).

Anyhoo I just wanted to make sure you knew about the Bikini Series in case you want to join! All of the information can be found at their website I highly suggest checking it out. Even if you don’t fully participate it’s a great way to get ideas and inspiration for workouts and yummy meals. Their first challenge is for you to #createyoursummer and make a list of all of the things you want to do this summer.


My list is short and sweet. Can’t wait to have a break from school to have some fun (although I am taking one class, I guess I should add “get an A in patho”).

I’ll be back tomorrow….possibly hopped up on pain pills…to share about my eats and such. And throughout the Bikini Series I’ll be popping in on the weekends with a recap of my workouts for the week. It’s all about accountability for me as I get back into the swing of things.

Before I go…check this out, I woke up to SNOW this morning. Oh, Colorado.




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