It’s been all quiet on the blog front this week! I had a problem wisdom tooth taken out on Monday and wasn’t feeling too inspired. I’m feeling great today though so let’s catch up!!

I had been having terrible tooth pain for about 3 weeks and finally begged my way into a last minute appointment with an oral surgeon. I popped in after class on Monday and they took my tooth out in less than 5 minutes (if someone could invent a silent dental drill they would be a billionaire).

Monday night and Tuesday were full of lots of rest and soft foods.

photo 1

 Banana soft serve swirled with warmed peanut butter and chocolate pudding. Comfort food at it’s finest 🙂

photo 4Lots of green smoothies for nutrients

photo 5

Strawberry lemon ginger smoothie (that was more like strawberry milk) with cashew cream

photo 2

 Franco took very good care of me

I had to take it easy this week to avoid dislodging the clot and getting dry socket so my activity was low key. Lots of Bones & Castle marathons plus leisurely walking around the neighborhood. 2 miles Tuesday and 1 mile Wednesday.

photo 6

On Wednesday I took my puffy face to the last clinical of my first year of Nursing School!! I cannot believe it has gone by so quickly.

photo 7

Thursday the pain started so I had to have the dentist re-pack my gums with clove oil gauze. They said everything looks great and I’m on track with healing. I took that as a sign and did a mini workout Thursday night which felt soooo good. Still staying away from high impact stuff until probably Sunday.

This brings us to today. I had 2 standardized tests for school (MedSurg and Maternal) that are considered “predictors” of NCLEX performance….based on your score they give you an estimate of how well you would do/if you could pass the registered nurse licensing test. I’m happy to say I did very well! In fact, I got in the 98th percentile in the nation on the MedSurg test (which is my area of interest, can you tell?!)! Thankfully I do not need to retake them now, one less worry for next week’s finals.

Gonna work for the rest of the day and then focus on preparing for finals, which start Monday. Have a great weekend…I’ll be back tomorrow with a post continuing on my healthy living makeover theme.


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  2. I am so proud of you Shelley !!! So happy for you and your accomplishments !!! You will go far… enjoy the ride..! Love AND MISS YOU !!

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