Bikini Series Week 1 Workouts Recap

Alas, this first week of the Bikini Series didn’t look anything like I had hoped. It’s taking me longer than planned to recover from my wisdom tooth removal and I’m pretty sure I ended up with a dry socket even after following all of the post-surgery instructions.

I woke up at 4am this morning with the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt in my life radiating from my tooth site. It’s throbbing and taking over the entire left side of my face and nothing will help. I’m having a hard time managing the pain and am really considering making an emergency call to my dentist if it’s still this bad tomorrow.

Nothing like severe and impossible to ignore head pain during finals week, am I right!?

Anyhoo, below is a recap of my workouts for Bikini Series Week 1. I’m hoping next week’s will be more impressive.

Sunday: HIIT the Beach workout from the 2nd Beach Babe DVD
photo 1

Monday: 4 miles of interval sprinting on the treadmill plus 3 rounds each of Tone It Up’s back and shoulders workouts.

photo 2

Tuesday: casual 2 mile walk with Franco.

photo 3

Wednesday: 1 mile walk with Franco

Thursday: 2 miles of interval incline walking on the treadmill. Malibooty routine. Happy to sweat again.

photo 4

Friday: walks between testing and at work

Saturday: 1 mile at the dog park with Franco and friends

photo 2 (2)

So far I’m at 11 miles for #150bySummer – a bit behind but I know I can make it up quick. There’s still 7 weeks to go!

As for eats, just a lot of soft foods and it’s driving me crazy. Thinking about doing a high raw meal plan for this week to really dump nutrients into my body as I heal. Hopefully that will help. Plus it’s easy to keep with the soft food theme – green smoothies, fruit smoothies and banana soft serve. Yum!!

Wish me luck that I wake up pain free – or at least at a pain level of 5 instead 8. 🙂 Have a good night.



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