Trust yourself first

Let me tell you a little story. It has nothing to do with working out or eating well. It has to do with trusting yourself.

As you all know, last Monday I had my wisdom tooth removed. I was hopeful that healing would be quick and easy – after all, I had been dealing with tooth pain for over 3 weeks already and I was done!!

3 days after the removal, I was in pretty bad pain. I left work to go see the oral surgeon who removed the tooth and he re-packed it and told me that the “pain was normal.” Ok, sounds good.

2 days after that, I woke up at 4AM in the WORST pain of my entire life. The word excruciating doesn’t even begin to do this pain justice. I was freaking out. It was Saturday and the oral surgeon’s office was closed so I just figured I’d deal with it. I upped my meds and doses and was alternating ibuprofen and Tylenol every 3 hours.

photo 1
even the pets could tell I was in pain, Sampson took good care of me

Sunday came and the pain was only getting worse. I called my doctor on his cell phone and he never called back. He did text me that he’d see me Monday morning and we’d figure it out.

photo 2

Lots of rest and snuggles

Monday morning I had 2 finals to take so I sped through them and went to the oral surgeon’s as fast as I could. The guy spent less than 2 minutes in the room with me, removed the packing, and assured me that the pain was normal and that some morning ibuprofen would really help. I wasn’t really ok with this situation but he was the doctor, right? Shouldn’t I trust him? I mean….between the two pain meds I was eating 14 pills a day and still in pain but if he says it’s ok I guess it’s ok.

2 hours later I was dying because my pain was so bad. I went back but he was at lunch for 90 minutes and couldn’t be bothered to help. I gave up.

3 more days and 1 more big final passed. I hadn’t slept in 6 nights. I hadn’t had a pain free moment in 7 days. ALL I could think about was the pain. It was all consuming and kept me up at night. I felt like all I did was lay in bed, cry and wait until I could take more medicine. I didn’t even want to be awake.

photo 3

through all of the pain and sleeplessness, I did managed to finish my first year of nursing school! more on that later

Finally it was too much…I was at my breaking point. I called my regular dentist and asked if they would evaluate my tooth just so I could know that I wasn’t crazy. I know I’m not a nurse yet but I know enough to understand that this amount of pain is not normal.

Sure enough…like I had suspected and even suggested to the oral surgeon on Sunday AND Monday…I have a pretty bad dry socket. The dentist took one look in my mouth (something the oral surgeon actually never did) and said “yes there’s quite a bit of bone exposed in there, there’s no reason that he should have left it unpacked like this.”

I was in pain unnecessarily for 7 days. Not just a little pain, but so much pain that 14 pills didn’t even numb it a little bit. So much pain that I didn’t sleep. So much pain that I drove my husband crazy talking about it.

Looking back, I cannot believe I let the oral surgeon bully me into accepting the pain as ok. But in the moment I was just trying to trust the advice of a doctor – someone that’s supposed to be trustworthy and responsible.

My biggest pet peeve – aside from hearing an alarm clock go off when it’s not morning – is when someone else tries to tell me that I’m not really feeling what I am feeling. That kind of emotional bullying is never OK.

photo 4


I guess the point of this complain-y post is to ALWAYS TRUST YOURSELF. You are the only person who has to live in your body. You’re the only one who really knows what you’re going through. Trust in your instincts and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re wrong.

Random post, but it made me feel better to type it out. Internet therapy. 🙂

The best part of all of this is that I finally feel like a real human being again. I’m ready to tackle the Bikini Series and get my glow back. I’ll be back tomorrow with another post! Have a fabulous Friday all.


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