Bikini Series Week 2 Workouts Recap

MUCH better this week! Feeling back to normal = kicking ass. Note that you can click on the workouts to be taken to the routines on Tone It Up. I highly recommend checking them out. I am loving all of the Bikini Series workouts this year!

Sunday: 2 mile walk with Franco in the morning.  No “real” workout, too much pain

photo 1 (2)

Monday: 1 mile walk with Franco before my finals. Another walk with Franco after the tests. 4 rounds of “Excited for Spring” cardio equaling 2 miles plus the Best Ab Routine. Note the Franco butt in the background.

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (2)

Tuesday: Franco walk. Always a Franco walk. 2 miles interval incline walking on the treadmill. 2 rounds of the Bikini Booty workout (LOVE LOVE LOVE). I used a mini cooler as the “applebottom” box.

photo 1

Wednesday: 2 miles of walking downtown after my finals.

Thursday: My first pain free moments in over a week and I didn’t realize how exhausted I was. No sleep + constant pain = a very worn down body. Franco walk and beach yoga to relax.

photo 2

Friday: mile walk at work. Spring into Summer Cardio for 3 miles. The Abs Workout Playlist on

photo 3

Saturday: bright and early bootycall workout! Making Waves Cardio plus another mile of sprints. (note the shit eating grin…I’m back!). As if that wasn’t enough I also walked Franco (a must) and did 3 rounds of the “Firm & Perky Chest Routine” from Eating Bird Food.

photo 4

photoFeels so good to be back at it. I love to sweat and when I don’t workout my body starts to hurt. Can’t wait to see what week 3 brings!


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