Goals Goals Goals

I shared this the other day, but it felt appropriate to share again.

photo 4

Don’t ever let yourself get in the way of what you really want.

Today we are talking about goals. Goals for getting healthy again and the Tone It Up Bikini Series.

I have plenty of goals this summer but they all lead up to one thing: FEELING AMAZING. Everything I do will be about maximizing my potential to feel like a rockstar.

Goals Summary

  • Eat better
  • Exercise more
  • Sleep more soundly
  • Glow
  • Be happy
  • Hit my goal weight of 138lbs by end of Bikini Series

Eat better. This is such a lame goal. What the hell is “better” anyway? I could technically eat better just by eating one less piece of candy a day, right? My eating better involves less sugar and more veggies. Less processed food and more fresh snacks like veggies and fruit. Less pizza and more salads. Less ice cream and more banana soft serve. Less shit, more plants.

Less of this:

photo 1

 More of this:


and this:


Exercise more. Another lame goal, but a springboard. I want to move more daily. I want to get in my bootycalls and sometimes get in two-a-day workouts. I want to run more, lift more and stretch more. I want to feel sore and tired. I’ve been doing a great job the past week on this and just need to keep it up. My body craves movement so this should be easy.

More days like the left, less like the right:


Sleep more soundly. Basically as long as I hit my goals of eating better and exercising more, sleeping shouldn’t be a problem. Early morning workouts make for the hardest sleeps! I also have a goal of reducing my coffee intake. This semester saw me go from a one cup a day habit to 3-4, eek!! Better sleeps should make for more even keeled energy levels.

I want to feel refreshed and energized not constantly fatigued:



Glow. Again, my goals are compounding. As long as I eat better, exercise more and sleep more soundly I should naturally glow again. Domino effect for the win!

It’s already working…I feel like I’m glowing and smoking hot! 😉


Be happy. Happiness is a choice. Every day you must choose to wake up with a song in your heart and a smile on your face. It is not a given, it is something that you have to work for. I want to take the summer to adjust my attitude and work on my happiness level. Again, domino effect…if everything else happens, happiness should be a whole lot easier!



Goal weight. 138lbs. I’ve been there before and felt fabulous. I know I can get there again. I’ve got 9lbs to go!! Feels weird to share my weight on the world wide web but I ain’t ashamed…it’s just a body, after all! Ultimately more important than a number on a scale is how you feel about yourself. Don’t let a number rule your life…use it as a measure of progress not a benchmark of  happiness.


All of this should lead to feeling amazing in my own skin. And if it doesn’t, I will simply step back, reevaluate and readjust my goals. I’ll keep you all updated on progress as we go. I just need to remember not to get in my own way!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the first daily eats recap in a while! Have a great day.

Do you have any current healthy living related goals? Share!


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