Bikini Series Week 4 Workouts Recap

I had a couple of exercise goals this week: get 30 miles and complete at least 4 “two-a-days” which is simply working out in the morning and evening whether by splitting up the prescribed workout or adding in a little extra. As of right now I’m at 29 miles (I was going Monday-Sunday to follow along with the TIU schedule) so I’m close! I have done 4 2/days already though, nice!

Week 4 Workout Schedule is found —-> here. All routines can be found on

Sunday: gentle Franco walk in the morning to stretch my tired legs. Bikini Body routine, 2 mile run, foam rolling (ouch) and another Franco walk in the afternoon/evening.

photo 1 photo 2

Monday: up early for a 2 mile run followed by 2 rounds of the Itty Bitty Bikini Abs routine and 1 round of Love Your Abs. Evening workout was 3 rounds of Bikini Arms and a Franco walk. Full recap of the day here.

photo 2

photo 1

Tuesday: morning workout was 2 rounds of Bikini Booty and one round of the new Bikini Body 2 routine. My booty was singing! PMWO was the Spring Into Summer Cardio routine for 4 miles plus another round of Bikini Body 2 and a Franco walk.

photo 3

Wednesday: I strapped on a weighted down pack (25lbs…not too shabby) in training for upcoming backpacking season and took Franco on a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood that included some good hill challenges. Later on in the day it was beach yoga for the win.

photo 4

Thursday: Up bright and early for HIIT the Beach II (one of my favorites) plus Sunkissed Abs from the Beach Babe 2 DVD. Franco walk (followed by a Franco bath that was so hilarious. I tied him up outside and hosed him down and he was not having it). Later I completed Bikini Arms x2.


Friday: I did NOT want to wake up at 515 but I did anyway. Love Your Body Kettlebells, 3 moves for Toned Thighs and the new Take me to the Sea Routine. Ran 2.2 miles when I got home (I had walked 0.8 earlier) for 3 total for the day.

photo 1

Saturday: Franco walk and a fun interval run. I did the Waterfall Sprints below until I hit 4 miles. I like to keep it interesting on the treadmill so I don’t get bored.


I’m now at 94 miles for the 150 by Summer Challenge. Feeling stronger and fitter every day.

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