I am what I chose to become

Let me tell you an embarrassing story.

I’ve been working by butt off (literally) during the Tone It Up Bikini Series. Working really, really hard. Week 1 was kinda shaky because I was in the middle of terrible jaw pain, but after that things really started kicking up a notch. Week 2 was devoted to getting rest and getting into the workout groove. Week 3 was more of the same plus figuring out how to handle my bottomless pit of a stomach.

And week 4 (last week) was where it all started coming together. I was kicking ass on the workouts and finally cleaned up my eating (meaning no more junk food OR candies!).

photo 2

beast mode indeed

And then a funny thing happened. Last Thursday, I woke up at 630 on my day off to get in my Bootycall (what Tone It Up calls a morning workout). I did 40 minutes of HIIT and toning and then I started to do concentrated ab work.

All of the sudden I just started crying. Seriously BAWLING on my mat. I had to pause the workout to cry and feel sorry for myself.

You see, I had woken up that morning and not been super excited to work out (for the first time the whole series!). I was super bloated, my pants were tight and I had no energy. I made it through the HIIT workout feeling like I wasn’t really giving it my all. And then I lost it.

I started feeling that for as hard as I had been working, I wasn’t seeing any results. Why was I so puffy? Why wasn’t I feeling any lighter? Was I working out this hard and avoiding candy for NOTHING?

photo 2 (2)

terrible grainy selfie from that morning. I didn’t even look bad (aside from that hair) bonus points if you can spot the kitty 😉

I managed to put myself together and finished the ab workout. Then I made myself a breakfast that felt indulgent while still being good for me {Raspberry-Orange-Dark Chocolate Waffle for the win}

RODC Waffle

Having gotten my chocolate on, I carried on with my day.

It wasn’t until later that I realized…

I was about 3.5 weeks in to making a major shift in my daily lifestyle. I went from stress, sleepless nights, minimal exercise and more junk food/sugar than I care to admit to actually sleeping, working out twice a day and eating tons of veggies.

3 weeks is about the turning point for people looking to get healthy. It’s either where you continue on and really start making new habits and laying the foundation for a healthy lifestyle OR when you loose your motivation and give in. Normally, this kind of day would have me thinking WHAT’S THE POINT and diving headfirst into the first bag of candy I could find (and trust me, there is a lot of candy in our coffee table right now). I’d probably skip my afternoon workout, drink a diet dr pepper and eat whatever I wanted.

But you know what? I chose to have a healthy breakfast and then go for a walk and complete my afternoon workout. I even chose to have a salad (the restaurant version of this salad) while my husband and his brother were eating chips, cheese dip and sopapillas. And at the end of the day, I was so proud of the choices I made.

photo 1

I am strongly working towards making a positive shift in my life and it’s HARD. It really is. You read these before & after stories about how the people just started walking a mile a day and switched white bread for wheat bread and suddenly they lost 40lbs and their life was perfect.

Excuse me, but I call bullshit. It takes a whole helluva lot more than switching your bread.

It takes motivation, desire, grit, commitment, sweat and apparently tears. It takes determination. It takes positive choices.

It takes waking up every day and choosing to workout, eat well, drink water and be positive. You have the power to choose the way you live your life. You have the choice to be happy every day. You have the choice to stop crying and finish your workout 😉

I’ve posted before how we all have the ability to make choices that can create major change and I still believe it to be true. I’m so glad that I chose to get it together and move on because I feel so fantastic right now when I could potentially be feeling regret for giving up.

I hope that you make at least one positive choice for your own well-being today. You are so very worth it.



3 thoughts on “I am what I chose to become

  1. I just started buckling down on clean eating/exercises about, er, 4 days ago… the motivation and excitement is still there, but I need to remind myself to re-read this come 3 weeks! It takes CONSISTENT hard work, not just a few good days, to reach your goals! Thanks for sharing!

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