Bikini Series Week 5 Workouts Recap

The original workout schedule can be found —> here. Don’t forget, you can click on the routines below to be taken to the Tone It Up Website!
Sunday –  Making Waves cardio (LOVE this routine!!) plus one round of Take Me to the Sea. Rainy Franco walk.

photo 1 (2)

Monday – up early on my day off for my bootycall workout. I completed the Bikini Body routine and 1 round of Bikini Booty. Followed it with a Franco walk in which he got filthy and needed to be hosed down! Love that dog. PM workout was 2 rounds of Stars & Stripes which was killer! My whole body was so tired afterwards.

photo 2 (2)

photo 3

Tuesday – 530AM bootycall was a 3 mile run (with the Waterfall Sprints I posted last week) plus the Take Me to The Sea routine. PM Workout was 2 rounds of Bikini Arms plus the new Bikini Abs. Also a Franco walk because that’s a daily necessity.

photo 4 (2)

photo 5 (2)

Wednesday – rest day (gasp!). I did end up walking 3 miles between work & Franco.

photo 1

Thursday – Morning workout was 2 rounds of Bikini Booty and 3 rounds of Beautiful Booty. Walk with Franco to try out his new pack. Afternoon workout was the new Pink Flamingo twice through plus the Abs Playlist. Also another walk with the whole family!!

photo 2

photophoto 4

Friday – bootycall workout was Bikini Body 2, Bikini Abs and Take Me to the Sea. Excuse the nerdy picture, but I now have baby abs and I’m freaking out!!

Followed by a 9 mile hike. We went on a mini-backpacking trip!! Just one night. I’ll post more pics soon.

photo 5


Saturday – 9 mile hike out of the wilderness.



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