Bikini Series Week 6 Workouts Recap

Original schedule —-> here. First things first…I’m actually going to share a progress pic (eeek!!!). We are 6 weeks down, 2 to go for the Bikini Series and I am rocking it. I’m eating better, sleeping better and generally feeling better.

I may be biased, but I think I’m looking better too 🙂


Hello baby abs, I love you.

Sunday – resting up a bit from our big hike. Hula Booty from the Beach Babe DVD and bikini abs. Plus some walking around downtown with my friend. I made Franco take a rest day 🙂



photo 2


photo 3photo 4

Wednesday –

photo 5


  • Bootycall workout was HIIT the Beach from the first Beach Babe DVD, Thailand Tush and Bikini Abs
  • PMWO was Bikini Booty, Inner & Outer Thighs and Bikini Arms

photo 2photo 3


photo 4


  • Bootycall was the Sunrise Routine from Beach Babe DVD 2 plus a Franco walk
  • Bikini abs later

photo 5


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