Some news!

Ok first of all…not sure what’s going on with the colors right now 🙂

Second…I didn’t give up on the Bikini Series….I just never made it back to post my week 8 workouts recap. In the end I lost 7.5lbs! I submitted my video and before/after picture for the grand prize…fingers crossed.

Third…I started a new blog! It’ called Consciously Healthy Living and it’s in the very early stages right now, but I’d love for you to check it out. It looks familiar I know but I like this clean style. I hope you’ll continue on with me as I venture out into this new space. Thanks for sticking around on Mile High Healthy, I’m so grateful for every one of you!

I’ll be back here a little more to update you on progress, but please go check out and tell me what you think! (also there’s some BIG NEWS on the “Meet the Zoo” page, you’re gonna love it).

See you on the flip side.


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