She doesn’t know what she wants

So I created Consciously Healthy Living a few weeks (months?) ago. And then I got busy. Busy with what? I really couldn’t tell you. Work, online classes, family, dogs….you know just life.


I had a lot of plans for it. And then the other day I got an email that was about to expire – meaning I’d no longer own this domain name. And I got a little sad….NO MILEHIGHHEALTHY?? It’s been a part of my life (on/off) for 3 years now and I couldn’t let it go. So I renewed it. And then I thought…maybe I’ll abandon the new blog and stay here where I belong.



I have no idea what I want. I change my mind so often I can’t even keep up. Sometimes the internal dialogue in my head is downright scary!

So anyway. MHH is staying. And maybe I’ll stay here too. Just maybe.

I’ve had requests to keep my weekly fitness posts going…so I’ll be starting that on the weekends (I plan my WOs on a Sun-Sat basis). I don’t have many recipes brewing right now, but I can keep sharing easy meal ideas. I’ve got a lot of drafts as far as a clean beauty routine goes, just need to do some tweaking.

And then when I get right down to it I know the one thing I should REALLY talk about is weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Really, that’s what started my whole healthy living story – losing 50lbs. I tend to brush it under the rug like it’s not a big deal – really I’m probably avoiding that chapter of my life more than anything. In the “blog world” it seems as though if you talk about weight loss then you must have some eating issues or something going on. Everyone always pretends like they are so happy with their bodies and life is easy breezy and they don’t ever come to surrounded by Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in a moment of weakness….wait, just me?

Before After June 2014

Weight loss is why I started this blog. To share my story and hopefully help someone along the way. I would love to help you lose weight in a healthy way, if that’s what you’re after! I lost 50lbs and have maintained that weight loss for almost 4 years now which is a HUGE deal considering something like 90% or more of people who lose weight just gain it right back and oftentimes a little more.

Let’s talk about what I’ve tried (a lot of different shit) and what’s worked and what was a total joke. Let’s talk about goals, plans, setbacks, and what happens when you lose the weight (in your head you’ll always feel overweight still). Let’s talk about food and workouts and what you really need to be doing (hint: it’s all about the food). Let’s talk about it loud and proud because seeking out a healthy life IS something to be proud of…no matter where you are on your journey.

Let’s talk about whatever you want to talk about! Let me know. I’ve lived it for the past 4 years (and really 3/4 years of being overweight before that!). You tell me what you want to hear and I’ll do my best. And yes, I will post more about the animals too because we all know that’s why you’re really here.

I’m all about authenticity so get ready for the peek into my life and my head that you’ve never wanted 😉

I’ll be back soon, I promise! PLEASE leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to hear about. I’ll be doing some scrubbing and face-lifting of the site and moving some of the CHL stuff over here. Let’s face it, it’s the Mile High Spirit that started my journey, so it’s only fitting I stay. Glad that you’ve stuck around for so long! Love you all.


6 thoughts on “She doesn’t know what she wants

  1. The title alone says it all for me! I couldn’t agree more with that statement. . I follow you on Instagram and absolutely love to see your updates! First time visiting your blog. ..The struggle is real everyday and I appreciate the honesty you have for the journey of life and everything it entails! I adore your dog’s too… so stinking cute!!

  2. Hi Shelley. I’m not sure just how long I’ve been following. Less than a year probably. I vaguely remember reading you were starting some other blog (I don’t think I even looked into it) and I remember thinking, why another? Why not just put your energies into this one? If I recall, with school and all, you’re a busy gal, and even this blog has been a “whenever you can” kinda thing, right? Anyway, I’m glad you’re keeping THIS blog name, and from a reader’s perspective, I know you’re just being you and trying to be transparent with your readers, but I get ever so slightly annoyed when bloggers I follow frequently start off posts with, “Sorry I haven’t posted in so long . . . . .” and then at the end say “I promise I’ll post again soon.” To ALL bloggers, I would say, . . . .you know, life is life. Some weeks you may have the mindset, time, and actual content to post more than once, sometimes it may be weeks before you have something that’s worth sharing and your schedule will allow you to post. Personally, I follow like 30 blogs. Can’t say I get to all of them every day, ’cause that’s plain crazy, and I just delete posts with recipes that don’t even interest me, but the rest I read as much as I can for inspiration in living healthfully. But it doesn’t disappoint me in the slightest if so-and-so blog doesn’t post anything for a day or two, or a week, or even a month! I’ll read whatever you post whenever you post it. So, if you’re in the process of figuring out what you want this blog to be, great! That’s good. Put that on your “about” page and all that. And then, relax. Work to develop those areas you like sharing about the most, share when you can, but don’t feel obligated to share on some kind of schedule. Inevitably, it can come across as posting just to post something. Personally I’d rather a blogger say “Hi! I’ve been eager to share such and so with you today. Here’s what I’ve been working on,” and then end with “Catch you again whenever I can,” because that’s more real life kinda talk. As far as what content I enjoy, I’m mostly here for food ideas, and I enjoy your outdoor shots of hiking/scenery where you live. Weight hasn’t been an issue for me, but you’re doing a HUGE thing to share what you do to successfully keep yours off. That’s what I think many, many people really need — more of the practical day-to-day, what does it LOOK like to eat healthy, exercise, and balance life to achieve health. If even ONE person out there can try what you’re doing and find it helpful for them, then you will have accomplished something! As a fellow nurse, we have a LOT we can share with the world that even doctors don’t know. Another thing I want to mention, even more so in light of certain well-known bloggers recently abandoning their vegan diets, when it comes to posting what you’re eating, I feel it’s much more appropriate to post pics of the dish you’ve made for supper, rather than your portion on a plate. Everyone is different when it comes to how much they should be eating to maintain weight, lose weight, gain weight. I have no interest in seeing how MUCH (or little) someone eats, and I think it may even be harmful to those who struggle with restricting their diets to the brink of eating disorders. I’d also like to see your recipes labeled as V (vegan), and GF (gluten-free), when they are. I like seeing it become more mainstream to see a gorgeous picture of a vegan dish, and see the notation on the recipe itself that it’s vegan. People need to see and accept that vegan food is beautiful and delicious! Maybe you’d rather just make a statement under each recipe category that the following recipes are all vegan, and just do the extra labels like GF, etc. as they apply. It’s your blog, so you get to do as you wish, but the GF notation would certainly be a plus in my opinion. Lastly, I’m not a blogger, so I don’t know if there’s some kind of peer pressure out there for you to develop your own recipes to post, but I wonder, do you honestly have time for that? I remember what nursing school was like and on a couple of your posts, I remember thinking, “That girl is trying to do too much!” I honestly think you’d be doing yourself a favor not to worry about recipe development, but just share to your heart’s content about what you do that works to achieve balance in your life. To me, it seems like your bigger passion is fitness, at least for now. To me it’s not important whether YOU developed a recipe or dish you’re sharing. Share dishes from other bloggers once in awhile and link to their blogs. If you’re trying to share the wonderful experience of living a vegan life, link to whoever and whatever you feel like, to increase people’s exposure to and awareness of a compassionate, health-conscious, environmentally responsible way of living! I speak as someone who doesn’t blog, so I have no idea if it’s time consuming to get permission to link to someone else’s blog, or share one of their recipes on your blog, or get permission to post a recipe from a cookbook you use at home. I just know I don’t care where the ideas for good food come from — I enjoy them no matter what! Maybe sometimes you can just post pics of a dish you made, mention/show the cover of the book you found the recipe in, mention the main ingredients, but leave it up to the reader to search for that cookbook if they’re inspired to do so. I don’t think it matters. What matters, again, is showing people what healthy food and living LOOKS like! I think you have a great blog, and if that’s your goal, see what you can do to expand your readership by connecting with other bloggers and linking back and forth. I imagine that would be the best way for readers to find you and begin following. Ask readers to send in success stories of their weight loss or other improvements in health on a plant-based diet and occasionally share those! Link to interesting things you’ve read, articles on health or fitness research, etc. Whatever you can do to inspire people, do it! Anyway, those are my thoughts and I just so happened to have time to share them. Enjoy the rest of summer!

    • Marlee I’m still processing all of your amazing feedback and I agree with you on everything!! I’m working on updating things slowly but surely and you’ll be seeing some of the changes you suggested for sure. Thank you for caring enough to take the time to leave truly thoughtful feedback. I appreciate it so very much.

  3. Hi Shelley! I would love to hear more about your experience with the psychology side of being overweight and subsequently getting healthy. I’m very interested to know why you say that in your head, you’ll always feel overweight still. (If this is too personal, of course you don’t have to share!) Very happy to see a post from you, as always. Best to you and yours!

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