Pet Love

I thought I’d skip right to the good stuff and give the people what they want tonight….and the people want my pets. I ain’t even mad about playing second (or fifth, really) fiddle to my furry friends. They are adorable, I understand the infatuation. Learn more about the zoo —-> here.



Rockie absolutely loves spending time out on the deck this summer. He’s screaming at me to open it up as soon as we get up in the morning and I have to go force him to come in at night. Thankfully he hasn’t tried to jump off because he would most likely get immediately eaten by a bear.


photo 3

Sampson loves spending his days straight chillin’ like a boss. Here he’s saying “draw me like one of your French girls, Jack”


photo 2

It doesn’t matter where we go, Franco will find a nasty animal bone in the woods. And then he will proceed to be the happiest dog alive.


photo 1

Hula is a SNUGGLER. And she’s figured out how to use that one bag leg to get up on the couch so now we are officially screwed. Although, this is pretty damn cute….

photo 4

Bonus video…my friend and I did a fun bootcamp/HIIT workout on the river trail at lunch today and practiced our prancercising.


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