Mile High Training Plans?

Hello lovely people. I’m here today with a question and a proposition….I’ve been thinking about ways to make some extra money during school as time is tight and my wallet is light.


I’ve been putting a lot of thought into the different things I could do that would work well with my crazy school schedule and also be fulfilling in the process.


I have been bouncing ideas off of my husband, friends and coworkers and there’s one idea I keep coming back to time and time again.

*Online training and meal plans*

It’s something that I was planning on doing after school as a side to being an RN, but now I’m thinking why wait?

But before I plop down the money to invest in my personal trainer certification, I wanted to see if this is a service you guys would be interested in. I would like to offer weekly personalized workout plans and routines and/or meal plans specific to your diet, interests, and goals. The beauty of it is that I am already a student of fitness and nutrition as a personal hobby so I understand the different needs out there.


Do you want to lose weight? Build muscle? Manage your blood sugars? Know that you love Zumba and hate running? Simply get in 30 minutes of fun activity per day? There’s a workout routine for that!

Are you vegan? Gluten-free? Diabetic? Bulking? Slimming down? There’s a meal plan for that!

Are you a gym member? Want to work out at home? Don’t have the money to invest in any workout equipment? Trust me, it can still be done!

And if you are interested in healthy weight-loss…you know I’m your girl!


I’ve done it all and found my own healthy way in the world. I understand that there is no one size fits all for weight-loss and healthy living and that we need to find our own individualized plans that work for our lifestyles so that we are more likely to stick to it for the long run. I’d love to work with you to find your niche to make healthy living a breeze.

So the big question is….is this something you would take advantage of? And HONESTLY, how much would you be willing to pay for weekly workout routines, meal plans or both (along with email support, of course)? Would you pay more for skype sessions to talk about goals, progress and pitfalls of your weight-loss/healthy living attempts? Please be honest in your feedback as I’m really weighing my options and can’t afford to spend money without making money. I’d love your comments below or as always you can email me at

Thank you all!!


5 thoughts on “Mile High Training Plans?

  1. I would love it!! Simple Paleo meal plans (with grocery lists) that I can make on weekends for lunches for work… Encouragement and suggestions for simple workouts and accountability for doing them…Help in setting reasonable weight loss goals…Help in getting off sugar…The help would be priceless, but I have no idea what price to put on it!

  2. This isn’t something I have a need for, but I bet many people do! I don’t know how much of a money-maker it’ll be for you until your blog grows some more, but like I said in my longer comment recently, I’m not a blogger, so I have no knowledge of how these things work. To me it sounds like a bit much to do along with school, or at least it would’ve been for me! If you have a bunch of really local followers, maybe you could lead a weekly or twice weekly workout group that people would sign up for for motivation and accountability. Since you’re going to work out anyway, maybe it could make you money somehow.

  3. I’m entering my third week with Shelley’s health coaching and it is FABULOUS!!! She provides menus and grocery lists, exercise videos and other instructions and best of all emotional support and encouragement. I feel better, am losing weight and am totally energized! And my blood sugars are down. Thank you Shelley!!!

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