Workout recap 8.10 – 8.16

This week I started a new-to-me kind of workout: PiYo. PiYo is a pilates/yoga hybrid workout from Beachbody that is a low impact way to get results. I laid down some dough for these because I’m looking for more workouts to incorporate during the school year when I’m super short on time. These workouts range from 25-45 minutes and are a great addition to my routine which includes a lot of running and HIIT which are hard on my knees. I’ve only done a few of the WOs but I LOVE them so far!


Sunday – PiYo Fundamentals of Alignment DVD. Not too much of a workout, but a 45 minute intro to all of the poses I need to know for the PiYo workout series.

Monday – 3 mile interval run in the gym at work

Tuesday – PiYo Lower Body WO + helping Steve haul some wood for our stove for the winter. It was tough but I kept thinking “free heat….free heat” Plus a pup walk.

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – Muddy puppy walk. It’s been raining so much it’s hard to give Franco the walks he needs so I just decided to let them get dirty because we all needed fresh air

Friday – rest

Saturday – PiYo Drench WO. I’m officially a convert! This workout was amazing. Low impact but I was still drenched in sweat and out of breath the whole time. It was strengthening and lengthening. And today my booty is SORE!

I was less active than usual this week because I’m dealing with some health stuff + work stress. Instead of using exercise as a stress relief (which it totally is for me) I had a carb-fueled pity party for 3 days and then felt way worse than I should have. Sometimes no matter what you know to be true you do the opposite. Oh well…onward and upward.


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