Weekly Workouts 8.17-8.23

I really need to start keeping track of my workouts as I go because when I sit down on the weekends I have to dig real deep to remember what all I did!

Sunday – Work gym workout. 1 mile each on treadmill, elliptical and lateral x machine. Plus an upper body circuit workout.

Monday – HIIT the Beach II from the second Beach Babe DVD.

Tuesday – PiYo Core (sore obliques!) and a pup walk.

Wednesday – 3 long walks at work and at home.

Thursday – Love Your Body HIIT and a pup walk.

Friday – PiYo Strength Interval WO. Loved this one. Short, sweet and sweaty!

Saturday – HIIT the Beach II from the second Beach Babe DVD. Pup walk.

Overall this was an alright week of workouts. Most workouts were 30 minutes or less. I don’t feel like I really pushed myself, considering I had a few late mornings that I slept right through. This week I’m focusing on cardio to try and hit my goal of 150 miles by Labor Day (started mid July) and since it’s my last easy week before school really gets crazy I’m going to use the time to push myself and get real sore. Check ya later.


One thought on “Weekly Workouts 8.17-8.23

  1. Oh. My goodness. I never even thought of asking for club soda with lime and mint! I love mojitos but drink very rarely, and more often than not I just get water with lime when I go out to eat. But who ever thought to ask for a sprig mint with bubbly water and voila! Youre amazing.

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