Well hello there

Okay let’s just get it out there: I haven’t posted in over four months. Whew, now that’s off my chest and we can move on.

I’ve been feeling an itch to come back to this space lately. Partly because I miss having a creative outlet with which to share my love for yummy food. And partly because I have WAY more time on my hands than I have in the past year and a half!!

A lot can happen in four months. In fact, since we last met….

We had a beautiful and long fall in Colorado that made me fall even more in love with where I live.

photo 1

I finished up the third and hardest semester of nursing school…and even made the president’s list again for my GPA!

photo 3 (2) Class presidents!

I was laid off from my job of the past 2+ years…hence all of the extra free time 🙂

Steve and I visited the Dominican Republic for a week of lounging on the beach! It was my first time ever out of the country.

photo 4 IMG_4901photo 5We enjoyed a white Christmas!

photo 2 (2)

I started back up to school for my fourth and final semester and have recently started my last stretch of clinicals!

And of course I’ve spent countless hours with the best friends anyone could wish for…


photo 2

Being laid off right before Christmas break left me with over four weeks of free time. Needless to say there were a few emotional breakdowns and lots of inward focus. It took me a good while to get used to the idea of not being constantly busy. Working for 32 hours a week during nursing school left me with precious little free time and without that go-go-go I found myself feeling a bit worthless.

Thankfully I’ve started to appreciate the art of relaxation. I’ve been reading for fun again (no medical jargon allowed)! I’ve been cooking more than I had in a while. And I’ve been enjoying more hikes with Steve and the pups. All things I really couldn’t do while I was working.

Snow Hike

On the academic front, I’m ready to finish nursing school strong! I’m also currently in the process of studying for my personal trainer certification through ACE as well as an Associate Diabetes Educator certificate through the American Association of Diabetes Educators. I figured I’d at least make a little good use of all this time I have on my hands.

I know I keep promising to blog more and then I disappear for months on end. I imagine you may have trust issues with me right now 🙂 Please, let me know if you’re still here and if you’re still interested in my pointless ramblings (and pictures of the animals, of course).

Good to see you again, old friends!


6 thoughts on “Well hello there

  1. I’ve missed your posts! Glad you are back, at least temporarily… I went to your favorites page just now and read about being a cat lady and it cheered me up after a long hard day. Also your “no excuses” page. Wanted to share a new app I got: “Charity Miles,” where you can walk, run, bike for charity. Getting off my arse to help someone else helps me! Love you – keep the posts coming (altho I must say I probably won’t be trying Mexican oatmeal!)

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