A day of “whole foods” eating

So glad some people want to join on my Whole Foods March fun…I have a handful of people joining in on instagram as well. I thought I’d drop a quick line on what a day of whole foods looks like (for me). I understand it may be completely different for you but that’s the beauty of life, right? We are all different.

I want to reiterate that by “whole foods” I simply mean no shit junk food. There are some foods below that I didn’t make from scratch…however, they have a minimal ingredients list with foods that I actually have in my pantry. Nothing I don’t know or can’t pronounce. That’s what I mean by “whole.”


photo 1

Repeat of banana chia muffins (love them) topped with crunchy peanut butter (ingredients: peanuts, salt), plain Greek yogurt, sliced banana and cinnamon. Plus coffee, of course.

Snack while working on group projects (no picture): rice cake (ingredients: brown rice, salt) topped with a spicy hummus and green onions. Carrots as well.


photo 2

SOOOO good. Brown rice (hiding under there somewhere), greens, bell peppers, baked falafel and a homemade dressing from Happy Herbivore. Also enjoyed some red grapes.

Afternoon/post workout snack

photo 3

Happy Herbivore hot cocoa (vegan) while watching the weird March thunderstorm we had. I’m so artistic. Also my husband is a good sport.


photo 4

Organic Tofurky kielbasa (ingredients list is actually very impressive, no weird chemicals at all!) on a whole wheat bun with avocado and spicy brown mustard. I’ve never really been a “hot dog” person so I have no idea what I’m doing. Baked fries. Ranch dressing made of Greek yogurt, ACV, and dried herbs.

Some people would look at my dinner and call it junk food. However, it was full of whole grains, protein and healthy fats. I made the fries and “ranch dressing” myself and was very impressed with the tofurky…it was my first time ever trying it! I personally believe this dish was better than a white bun, deep fried fries, chemical filled ranch and (for me on a very personal note) animal product hot dog. So remember…make it relative to your situation.

Links to the muffins and dressing on Sunday’s post. Let me know if it helps to see my eats and I’ll post more!


2 thoughts on “A day of “whole foods” eating

  1. Shelley, Would you happen to have an oatmeal peanut butter bar recipe in your files ? I want to incorporate more oatmeal into my diet but just can’t get past the sogginess of cooked oatmeal. Any suggestions ??

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