(health) books for sale

I have this thing. This thing where I buy books I don’t necessarily need. I love supporting bloggers and so when a blogger I like releases a book there’s a 99% chance I’ll buy it. That being said, I don’t always love the book as much as the blog. And books are stacking up high around here. I’m in the midst of doing some spring cleaning so I thought I’d see if any of you are interested in some gently used books.

I’ve linked the books to Amazon so you can read a description. I’ve priced them at 25% off Amazon prices which are way lower than in store prices. Shipping will run $3-$5. I can take payment through PayPal.

Consider purchasing a book today and you’ll be putting money towards my “unemployed nursing student on a tight budget who has to buy shit for graduation” fund!!

Just drop a line in the comments if you’re interested. Or email me at milehighhealthy [at] gmail [dot] com

Wheat Belly – $7.00

The Wheat Belly 30 Minutes or Less Cookbook – $12.00

Beauty Detox Foods – $8.00

The Beauty Detox Solution – $9.00

The Skinny Confidential – $12.00

Get Skinny Again – $11.00

The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life – $10.00

I Quit Sugar – $13.50

The Women’s Health Big Book of 15 Minute Workouts – $15.00

HIIT It! – $11.00

BodyPeace – $11.00


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