Meal favorites from the past week

I have been having so much fun in the kitchen lately. It’s nice to feel inspired by foods again…thanks to Whole Foods March!

I haven’t been tracking every single thing that goes into my mouth with pictures (no one wants to see that!) but I have been snapping shots of some yummy eats to share.

Here are my favorite meals from the past week or so of Whole Foods March:

breakfast cookie dough cereal from Fitnessista

photo 2 (2)

PB and coconut oil-fried banana toast

photo 2

green tea lime pie smoothie from Oh She Glows

photo 3 (2)

Big Mexican potato salad monster thing I created

photo 3

Bang Bang Chickpea Pasta from Happy Herbivore at

photo 4

 Ok now I’m drooling…time to go make lunch 🙂




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