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I’m Shelley, a late twenty-something living in the Rocky Mountains of southwest Colorado. My passions are hiking, cooking and my pets.


Born and raised in Arkansas, my husband and I moved out to Colorado in the summer of 2009. Back then I was unhealthy and unhappy with myself.

When I first moved Colorado, I had no real exercise experience and my BMI classified me as overweight and dangerously close to obese. I went hiking with my then boyfriend (now husband) my first summer living here and we could not reach the top of the trail because I was so out of shape and overwhelmed. I have never felt so embarrassed.


picture of me from THE infamous hike!

Our engagement in December of 2009 really prompted me to lose weight and get healthy for good. Over the course of the next 10 months, I managed to lose 50 pounds, get in shape for the first time in my life and explore food in delicious and healthy new ways.

Hawaii Oct 2010

feeling confident on our honeymoon in the fall of 2010

I’ve maintained that weight loss for 4 years now, which is something I am so proud of!

Before After June 2014

Now, I’m about to enter my second year of nursing school and will graduate in May 2015. Carving out a healthy routine in the midst of work, school, clinicals and my personal life has proven to be more of a challenge than I had hoped. Join me as I navigate my crazy new schedule and hopefully we can all learn from each other!

 This blog is dedicated to my love of fitness




And gratuitous pictures of my two cats (Sampson & Rockie)

photo (3)

And our dogs Franco & Hula

Snuggle buddies

Meet the Zoo!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy Mile High Healthy as much as I do!


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