Meet the Zoo

One of my biggest passions in life is animals. My family even nicknamed me Elmyra when I was younger. Remember her? If I could, I would rescue ALL OF THE ANIMALS. Alas, I think I’ve met my husband’s limit at four. We are outnumbered two to one now.

Let’s meet the zoo…


We adopted Rocky in August 2011 after our cat Reeses Pieces passed away due to complications of feline diabetes. The day we went to the animal shelter, Rocky had just gotten neutered and was looking positively pitiful. My husband was drawn to him immediately and so he was ours.

Rocky loves drinking from the bathroom sink, hanging out on the back porch watching the birds, and talking. He definitely has a lot to say.



Sampson came a couple of days after Rocky. You see, Rocky was not adjusting very well to life as a lone kitten. We thought maybe a friend would help him and sure enough, Sampson came into the picture and they have been best friends ever since.

Sampson loves sitting in any box or container available, begging for macaroni from my husband, and sleeping on my face at night. He’s 100% sure I love it.



Franco is the best thing that ever happened. I love this dog more than I could ever put into words. I really consider him one of my best friends which sounds weird and pathetic but I just love to hang out with him. My husband and I adopted him in July of 2013 and he was a ridiculously cute puppy…still is. From day one he has just been the best dog and I feel like we got so so lucky with him.

Franco loves eating ice cubes straight from the freezer, rough housing with my husband and Sampson, and going on walks with me every day.



Miss Hula Hoop is the newest addition to our family…we just adopted her this June! We weren’t planning on getting another dog (yet) but my boss called me in a flurry one day saying that there was a dog I just absolutely had to adopt. One look at Hula’s story and I knew we needed to give her a home. She is a three legged rescue pup from New Mexico. When she was abandoned at the shelter the vet noticed that her leg had been previously broken and healed poorly and they had no choice but to amputate. 2.5 weeks later and she still hadn’t found her forever home. We rushed down there to see her (seriously, I left work early that day) and brought Franco along for a meet and greet. A few days later we got the news that the shelter had chosen us to take her home!!

It hasn’t been long at all that we’ve had her but she feels like the perfect fit…she was meant to be the final piece in our furry puzzle. Every time I look at her I fall more in love. Despite her circumstance, she is the happiest and sweetest dog around. This is why I love animals so much…they don’t feel bitter or hold grudges. They just love and want to be loved.

Hula loves chewing on Franco’s cheeks, barking at the kitties, and following us EVERYWHERE we go.



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