Feeling Better Already

You guys…we aren’t even three full days into April and already I’m feeling so much better from working on my April Goals.

Seriously, I felt bunk after getting back from Arkansas. I ate more butter and cheese during that weeklong trip than I had in months and months. And my body didn’t take too kindly to it either. This morning was the first morning that I woke up and felt good. No bloating. No constipation (TMI). No fatigue. No headache. I’m feeling like I’m on the right path for sure.

photo 4

Today was also the first real workout I’ve had in over a week and a half! Sure, I did some farm walking (and donkey petting) in Arkansas and even took the dogs on a 3 mile hike for Hula’s birthday, but today I actually put on a sports bra and got my sweat on. It felt so good. I did the Love Your Body Kettlebell routine from Tone It Up. And speaking of TIU…they’ve announced this year’s bikini series starts April 13. I can’t wait! You should sign up today.

I’ve also finally been eating the way my body prefers I eat. I’m telling you…my gut was wrecked all through my trip and up until this morning (I’ve been home since Monday!). It took avoiding dairy, lots of digestion juice (water with lemon and ginger) and plenty of produce, beans and grains (aka ALL THE FIBER) to get me back to normal.

So OMG what do plant-based people (aka vegans) even eat?? Don’t you just sit around munching heads of lettuce or what.  Au contraire mon frere. I’ve been eating good.

photo 2

mint chocolate overnight oats

photo 4 (2)

mango cashew smoothie from deliciously ella (you MUST freeze mango & banana or it’s gross, otherwise it’s my current favorite green smoothie)

photo 1 (2)

tropical daydream oatmeal…holla if you want the recipe

photo 3

ginger chickpea scallion wrap

photo 1

roasted broccoli salad with chickpeas and apple

photo 5

hummus and avocado toast

photo 2 (2)

Tone It Up 3 Ingredient cookie plus chocolate chips

And you can’t say “oh no wonder you’re feeling better all that food is so healthy” cause there’s also been copious amounts of oreos (yes they’re vegan), diet dr pepper and even Chinese food yesterday. It’s totally the dairy that’s been sabotaging my bathroom habits. RIP Pizza (for now at least).

Tomorrow starts my first preceptor day for school. I’m in a state of excited panic to be in the ICU. Wish me luck and happy weekend!


April Goals

A new month is upon us. I like to use each month as a new beginning…time to take inventory and to decide if there’s anything I want to work towards.

March brought me Whole Foods March and I so enjoyed getting into food and cooking again! I shared a lot of my favorite meals here on the blog and hopefully they inspired you as well. However, I can’t say I ate nothing but whole foods the entire month. There was candy, ice cream and plenty of junk food. When I started the “challenge” I knew I would eat only vegetarian foods as meat does not interest me anymore. However, I feel as though I relied too heavily on dairy and as a result didn’t feel as good as I know I am capable of feeling.

That being said, in April I am going to focus on eating a vegan, plant-based diet. For those of you that get confused (hey mom) vegetarians simply don’t eat meat/poultry/fish while vegans eat no animal products at all…meaning no dairy/eggs in anything. I feel like this will really help to cut out all of the vegetarian junk foods I’ve been eating (hello cheese-its, ice cream and candies) while improving my energy and digestion. I just can’t do dairy too well these days.

I also want to focus on increasing my daily activity. I’ve been wearing my fitbit and while I seem to hit 10k steps on the majority of days, sometimes I’m only at 5k by the end of the day!! I’d like to hit a total of 300,000 for the month which averages 10k steps per day. I will do this by walking more and adding more non-exercise movement in my day instead of parking it on the couch for hours at a time.

The Tone It Up Bikini Series also starts this month and I’m looking forward to it. It’s a completely free and fun challenge and if you’re looking for something to mix it up I highly recommend!!

I’ve also made the decision not to weigh myself in April. Just not feeling it.

Do you have any goals for the new month? Share below. 🙂

Friday (not Thursday)

I’ve been thinking all day about getting a Thursday post up…and then I realized it’s Friday. This whole unemployed thing has really thrown me for a loop as far as the space/time continuum goes. I never have any idea what day it is.

Anyway…some great things happened today! I finally got my grade for the MedSurg final I took last week (I took it a week early)…98.9% Gotta love when the teacher comments on your grade “Nice job, highest in the class” 🙂 Finished out that class with a 98%, not too shabby.

I also got a callback for a second interview for the Critical Care Nurse Residency Program I’ve applied for! The interview is in front of a panel of six people, eek! It’s not till April 6th so I have plenty of time to get nervous.

Lastly, I’ve created a “Weekly Workouts” Page (you’ll find it on the menu bar up top) to track my exercise each week. Instead of uploading a post every Sunday, I’ll just update the page every day with my workouts. Just in case you’re interested.

Onto the eats!! Still rocking Whole Foods March.


photo 1

Plain oats topped with strawberries, 1/2 banana, chocolate chips and homemade coconut butter


photo 2

BBQ Black Bean & Pineapple Pizza on a whole wheat tortilla

(Un-pictured) Snacks

Banana Chia Muffin with crunchy PB and a shakeology after my second workout of the day


photo 4

Hello my name is Shelley and I am a volume eater. Leftover goat cheese and spicy marinara dip with gluten free pita (from dinner last night…I WILL eventually create a vegan version) plus spicy hummus and veggies For dessert was my new favorite combo…fruit & lemon! Sliced strawberries and 1/2 banana with lemon juice squeezed on top, it really brightens the flavors well.