Feeling Better Already

You guys…we aren’t even three full days into April and already I’m feeling so much better from working on my April Goals.

Seriously, I felt bunk after getting back from Arkansas. I ate more butter and cheese during that weeklong trip than I had in months and months. And my body didn’t take too kindly to it either. This morning was the first morning that I woke up and felt good. No bloating. No constipation (TMI). No fatigue. No headache. I’m feeling like I’m on the right path for sure.

photo 4

Today was also the first real workout I’ve had in over a week and a half! Sure, I did some farm walking (and donkey petting) in Arkansas and even took the dogs on a 3 mile hike for Hula’s birthday, but today I actually put on a sports bra and got my sweat on. It felt so good. I did the Love Your Body Kettlebell routine from Tone It Up. And speaking of TIU…they’ve announced this year’s bikini series starts April 13. I can’t wait! You should sign up today.

I’ve also finally been eating the way my body prefers I eat. I’m telling you…my gut was wrecked all through my trip and up until this morning (I’ve been home since Monday!). It took avoiding dairy, lots of digestion juice (water with lemon and ginger) and plenty of produce, beans and grains (aka ALL THE FIBER) to get me back to normal.

So OMG what do plant-based people (aka vegans) even eat?? Don’t you just sit around munching heads of lettuce or what.  Au contraire mon frere. I’ve been eating good.

photo 2

mint chocolate overnight oats

photo 4 (2)

mango cashew smoothie from deliciously ella (you MUST freeze mango & banana or it’s gross, otherwise it’s my current favorite green smoothie)

photo 1 (2)

tropical daydream oatmeal…holla if you want the recipe

photo 3

ginger chickpea scallion wrap

photo 1

roasted broccoli salad with chickpeas and apple

photo 5

hummus and avocado toast

photo 2 (2)

Tone It Up 3 Ingredient cookie plus chocolate chips

And you can’t say “oh no wonder you’re feeling better all that food is so healthy” cause there’s also been copious amounts of oreos (yes they’re vegan), diet dr pepper and even Chinese food yesterday. It’s totally the dairy that’s been sabotaging my bathroom habits. RIP Pizza (for now at least).

Tomorrow starts my first preceptor day for school. I’m in a state of excited panic to be in the ICU. Wish me luck and happy weekend!


Cinnamon Apple Oats with Coconut Butter

Chances are you’ve probably already eaten breakfast today. I know not everyone waits until 11am to eat breakfast.


I’m lucky in that I can truly enjoy a lazy Saturday (and Sunday, Monday, etc). As you know, I’m not working during this last bit of nursing school and there’s also the no kids thing we’ve got going. So I’m allowed and able to snooze till ten and then have a long and leisurely morning breakfast ritual.

Today’s breakfast was something special. Just a simple bowl of oats, all dressed up. It didn’t hurt that I was able to enjoy it out on the patio! I may be pushing it…it is still a bit chilly…but compared to what we’ve had going on it seems almost balmy.


We are enjoying some time out in the sun. I’ve even got the kitchen door open and am letting the fresh air in…although I’m sure that won’t last long as it’s only 60 in the house. Looks like I’m about to go build a fire.

Franco and Hula would like to stay out on the deck though.



Can you blame them?

The star of the show this morning was freshly made coconut butter. That shit is insanely expensive at the store ($13+!!) but yesterday I bought a $3 bag of organic shredded coconut and put it in the food processor for 7 minutes and voila…homemade heaven.

Cinnamon Apple Oats with Coconut Butter


  • 1/3 heaping cup oats
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • Splash vanilla extract
  • Generous shakes of cinnamon
  • Shredded apple (reserving some for topping)
  • Toppings: apple, walnuts, dried cranberries, coconut butter

Cook together on stove until desired consistency. I like to take mine off when it’s still a bit runny. See why here. Throw on toppings and generously drizzle with coconut butter.



Have a pleasant weekend!

Well hello there

Okay let’s just get it out there: I haven’t posted in over four months. Whew, now that’s off my chest and we can move on.

I’ve been feeling an itch to come back to this space lately. Partly because I miss having a creative outlet with which to share my love for yummy food. And partly because I have WAY more time on my hands than I have in the past year and a half!!

A lot can happen in four months. In fact, since we last met….

We had a beautiful and long fall in Colorado that made me fall even more in love with where I live.

photo 1

I finished up the third and hardest semester of nursing school…and even made the president’s list again for my GPA!

photo 3 (2) Class presidents!

I was laid off from my job of the past 2+ years…hence all of the extra free time 🙂

Steve and I visited the Dominican Republic for a week of lounging on the beach! It was my first time ever out of the country.

photo 4 IMG_4901photo 5We enjoyed a white Christmas!

photo 2 (2)

I started back up to school for my fourth and final semester and have recently started my last stretch of clinicals!

And of course I’ve spent countless hours with the best friends anyone could wish for…


photo 2

Being laid off right before Christmas break left me with over four weeks of free time. Needless to say there were a few emotional breakdowns and lots of inward focus. It took me a good while to get used to the idea of not being constantly busy. Working for 32 hours a week during nursing school left me with precious little free time and without that go-go-go I found myself feeling a bit worthless.

Thankfully I’ve started to appreciate the art of relaxation. I’ve been reading for fun again (no medical jargon allowed)! I’ve been cooking more than I had in a while. And I’ve been enjoying more hikes with Steve and the pups. All things I really couldn’t do while I was working.

Snow Hike

On the academic front, I’m ready to finish nursing school strong! I’m also currently in the process of studying for my personal trainer certification through ACE as well as an Associate Diabetes Educator certificate through the American Association of Diabetes Educators. I figured I’d at least make a little good use of all this time I have on my hands.

I know I keep promising to blog more and then I disappear for months on end. I imagine you may have trust issues with me right now 🙂 Please, let me know if you’re still here and if you’re still interested in my pointless ramblings (and pictures of the animals, of course).

Good to see you again, old friends!