Welcome to the Mile High Healthy Fitness Page! Ever since I started making fitness a priority in my life, I have never felt better. This page will be a place for me to share my favorite workouts as well as any updates on training.

Weight Training

I have recently changed my workouts to focus more on heavier weight training. I have seen more progress with this in 3 weeks than I did in years of circuit style training. This is a new-to-me style of working out so bear with me as I figure out the best way to go about it!! I typically do 3 sets of 12 (except for leg and core moves, I tend to do more reps for those) and then a 4th set of 6-8 reps with as heavy a weight as I can manage (without compromising form).

Shapely Shoulders & Back

Bootcamp Routines

Before I switched to weight training, I used to be very into what I called “bootcamp” workouts. These were full body routines that my friends and I would do in a local park before work. I love the circuit-style workouts and they can be very effective for weight loss as well. They are still a go-to for me when I want to get in a great full-body workout.

Bootcamp Routine 6/3
Bootcamp Routine 6/10
Bootcamp Routine 6/17
Bootcamp Routine with Resistance Bands 6/24
Bootcamp Routine 7/2
Bootcamp Routine 7/21
Bootcamp Routine 7/28
Bootcamp Routine (Arm Heavy) 8/5
Quick Upper Body Workout
Quickie Full Body Workout
Full Body Bootcamp 9/2
Morning Workout
Resistance Bands Workout
Full Body Workout 10/13
Full Body Strength Workout & Interval Cardio Routine
Arm & Core Workout
Total Body Tabata
Total Body Circuit Routine
Plank Series
Stability Disc Workout
More Info on the Stability Disc
Tabata Strength Workout
Quick Full Body Tabata Workout
Full Body Tabata
Full Body Circuit Workout
Long Full Body Strength Workout
Quick Full Body Workout
Kettlebell Workout
No Equipment Workout
Sore Booty, Full Body Workout

Personal Running Info

I trained and completed my first race: a half-marathon in Denver on October 9th! Below are any posts related to my training.

Rock-n-Roll Half-Marathon Training Plan
Running Progress & My Favorite Post Run Stretches
Dakota Ridge 5k Run
Some Thoughts on Running
Denver Rock-n-Roll 1/2 Marathon Recap
Heart Center Half-Marathon Training Plan
Heart Center Half-Marathon Goals
Heart Center Half-Marathon Recap
Runner’s High

Random Fitness Posts

Ten Things I Love About Exercise
August Fitness Goals
The Excuse Monster: How to Overcome the Voice in Your Head That Says “I Can’t”
How to Make a Goal

**Please note that I am not a certified trainer and that you should consult your primary care physician before beginning any new form of exercise.


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    • I’m still working on it but in the past couple of months I have increased to 25lb bicep curls, 20lbs for tricep extensions/chest presses/shoulder presses/rows, and 80lb cable rows and tricep pulldowns.

      Heavy is relative to your current fitness level. Just work up slowly and consistently and you will make good strength gains without injury.

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