Just a quick poke around my blog (or a peek at my blog header) and it becomes clear that one of my most favorite pastimes is hiking. It is my passion and I wish I could do it all day everyday.

My husband and I moved to the “Four Corners Area” (aka Durango) of Colorado in early April 2012. We have slowly started to hike our way around this little slice of heaven and I decided to put together a hiking page to share our adventures with you! With each hike we go on I will share a personal and very amateur review for any residents or out-of-towners looking for a great hike in our area.


Please take my reviews with a grain of salt as I really don’t know what I’m talking about! However, I thought an amateur review might be better than the fancy-shmancy reviews you see in guide books. Obviously their idea and my idea of the difficulty rating is way off.


I plan on doing a “Hiking 101” series in the near future for anything and everything you should know/bring/do for day hikes and backpacking trips alike…keep a look out I will put all hiking-related posts here.


Four Corners Area Hikes (Near Durango)

Hope Lake Hike – easy hike, but quite the drive from Durango


Ice Lake Hike amazingly beautiful hike. This will be the lake by which all other mountain lakes are measured! Highly recommended


Snowdon Peak Hike – didn’t love it, but a great challenge and close to Durango


Engineer Mountain Hike – another highly recommended hike, not too difficult and there were breathtaking mountain views at the top


Halflin Creek Trail – super close to town (Durango), supposedly a training hike for 14ers and I believe it! Lots of switchbacks and great for cardio endurance (no “official” review for this one but it’s nice if you’re short on time)


Denver Area Hiking Posts (without reviews, these are from the early blog days)

My First Fourteener (Greys Peak)

Lincoln Lake Trail (around Mount Evans)


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