Happy Birthday Hula Hoop

 Hop Along Hula is one today! So happy to have her in our life…she makes every day better.



3 Healthy Treats You Should Try

Just popping in with three links to healthy treats you should definitely try soon!

I’m really working hard on lowering my sugar intake (as well as dairy) and the easiest way for me to do that is to be prepared with healthy treat options so I don’t go diving head first into the oreos (Hey…they are vegan).

The other day I made these three treats to enjoy and highly recommend them to you.


Sinless Samoas from Eating Bird Food – a healthy treat based on the favorite Girl Scout Cookie

Key Lime Pie Bars from Kimberly Snyder – a cool and creamy treat that keeps well in the freezer. I made mine using an ice cube tray

Protein Cookie Dough Bites from Tone It Up – excellent pick-me-up post workout or any time you’re craving chocolate

PS – if I were to write a post about meal planning it would look exactly like this, check it out!

That’s it. Just spreading the love today 🙂

Good Eats

If you’ve tried to reach my site in the last 24 hours and had issues, I apologize. Things got all messed up through godaddy and they told me just to “wait up to 24 hours” for it to resolve.

But if you’re reading this…looks like things are fixed.

I know I said before that it would be boring for you if I just posted pictures of everything that goes into my mouth…but yesterday was a particularly tasty day so here I am doing just that.


photo 1

banana chia muffins crumbled and warmed then topped with crunchy peanut butter, dark chocolate chips, strawberries, 1/2 banana, coconut butter and cinnamon

I’m working my way off dairy and these muffins are the last holdout (they’re made using greek yogurt). dairy just does not agree with my gut and I’m sorry for being crude but pooping > cheese any day


photo 2

BBQ Black Bean & Pineapple Pizza made on a whole wheat tortilla. (Recycled picture) Recipe through Meal Mentor


photo 1 (2)

Iced coffee and “Sinless Samoa” (link coming soon)

photo 2 (2)

Apple Jack Smoothie


photo 1 (3)

Kung Pao Tofu

Ok, so here was the highlight of the day. Hubby and I were walking out the door to go pick up Chinese food but when I tried to call in our order they informed me they were out of tofu! I had Kung Pao Tofu on the brain and couldn’t shake it. So I whipped up a super simple at home version that saved me on cash, calories and bloating for sure.

I mixed together freezer brown rice with a carrot/pea mix and topped it with crispy tofu and a sauce I threw together made of sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, rice vinegar and ground pepper. I garnished with peanuts that I fished out of a mixed nut can. 🙂 It was SO SO good. Hit the spot and will be a favorite from now on out.


photo 2 (3)

Samoa Ice Cream!

Banana soft serve blended with cacao powder and another sinless samoa pulsed in. topped with flacked coconut, dark chocolate chips and a pinch of sea salt