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As someone who lost 50lbs and has kept it off for more than two years, I hope to share my experiences with you so that I may help even just 1 person. Losing weight and getting healthy has changed my entire life. I went from someone who was interested in health and nutrition and yet didn’t practice what she preached (or read in health magazines!) to eating a whole foods, plant-focused diet and being active and in shape. I have all of my favorite vegan recipes on my Recipes Page and some of my favorite workouts over on my Fitness Page.


My favorite Weight-Loss & Health-Related Posts:
How I Lost Weight – it wasn’t a terrible experience!
Before & After Photos – proof
Unrealistic Expectations – and how to rein them in
How to Make a Goal – and actually follow through
How to Beat the Excuse Monster – the nagging voice inside your head that says “I can’t”
It’s the Little Things, Really – small efforts add up
Should You Have a Food Curfew? – reasons why and why not
Make a Choice…Change Your Life – just one small choice could lead to a big change
Do You Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Your Scale? – why I ditched the scale, for now
My Top Daily Health Habits – getting these in daily makes for my happiest self
Do you Supplement? – What I use and why
Missing the Big Picture – because life is more about what you weigh
My Healthy Journey Part 1: Diet Evolution
What Are You Afraid Of: how to chase your dreams


Just Because It’s Vegan, Doesn’t Mean It’s Healthy – ’nuff said
My Personal Eating Philosophy – do you have one of your own?
My Vegan Truths – not everything I had read about veganism was true
Easy Vegan Workout Recovery
Easy Vegan Breakfasts
Vegan Mofo Wrap Up

Food Tips:

Meal Planning – for saving money and time
The Big “D” – why my body cringes at the word “diet”
Food Journaling – it could help you better asses your food habits
Eating Healthy on a Budget – nobody likes spending their entire paycheck on groceries
If at First You Don’t Succeed – try, try again!!


Prevention – What you can do now to ensure a healthy today and tomorrow
Personal Prevention Plan – I’m going to lay out the small steps I take NOW to protect my future

For Fun:

How to Raise an Awesome Cat – oh yes, I am a crazy cat lady
A Guy and a Girl – the story of my husband and I
How to Get Your GLOW On – Why I love For The Glow
How to Grow Your Own Wheatgrass – it’s easier than you think!


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